Digital Post

Need a hand when it comes to post-production work? You’re not the only one! Sometimes, your images just need a little extra finesse, and you turn to your computer for help. OR, you can turn to Richard! Yup, we can take care of your digital post-production work, no problem-o.

Are you a hybrid photographer? We specialize in altering your digital images to look like your film scans, creating a cohesive set of photographs. We don't use presets—your photos have a look that is unique to you, so we make sure to treat your digital files as such. We go frame by frame to precisely make adjustments that match your style.

  • Digital Processing

    We perfect colors as well as lightness/darkness across your whole image, without any masking or selective corrections to specific spots of an image. All of the corrections are made on a per-frame basis (just like our film scans). Priced per image.

  • Retouching

    We provide targeted image manipulation and improvements to specific areas of an image based on your needs—we’re talking removing blemishes and pores, restoring faded or damaged photos, adding or removing subject matter, etc. Priced hourly.

Contact Richard for details on pricing and how to get started!