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Metal Prints

Metal Prints

Metal prints bring brilliance to any image! Dyes are directly infused into aluminum, allowing the inherent radiance of the metal to make your photos shine. It’s also extremely durable, with a surface that is scratch resistant and waterproof.

Available sizes: 2x3½ - 48x96

Turnaround times:

  • Float Mount Hangers or no Hangers — 3-5 days
  • ¾" Inset Frame — 4-6 days
  • Flush Frame, Float Frame, 1 ¼" Inset Frame, or Standard Frame — 7-10 days
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  • High Gloss

    A radiant white surface with high reflectivity. Excellent sharpness and color vibrancy.

  • Mid Gloss

    Similar to High Gloss, but with a less intense sheen.

  • Sheer Glossy

    Images appear somewhat translucent on this surface, allowing the metal to show through.

  • Sheer Matte

    The metal shows through the image similarly to Sheer Glossy, but with much less glare.

  • Satin

    A silky, somewhat diffused appearance—complemented with minimal reflectivity.

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  • Float Mount Hanger

    Mounts allow prints to “float” ½ inch off of the wall.

  • Inset Frame

    Frames sit within the edges of the print to allow prints to “float” ¾ inch off of the wall. Available with French cleats or wire hangers.

  • Exhibit Mounts

    Black metal inset frame is attached to prints mounted on 2mm black styrene, allowing prints to “float” off the wall.

  • Posts & Acrylic

    5/8 or 1-inch stainless steel posts secure and “float” the print 1 inch off the wall. Optional ¼ or ½ inch acrylic can be added to the front of the print.

  • Standout Mounts

    Choose from ¾ or 1 ½-inch deep lightweight standouts in a variety of edge options, or ¾-inch bamboo panel standouts. Both feature keyhole mounting.

  • Stands

    For tabletop display. Choose from acrylic stands, bamboo stands, wooden easel stands, and metal easel backs. Available sizes vary.

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  •  Double Float Prints

  • Metal Frames

  • Wooden Frames

  • Float Frames

  • Wall Clusters

  • Curved Prints

...and more! Over 6,500 options available; log in to our ordering application to see them all.

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