Community Over Competition: Introducing the Richard Community Facebook Group

A Guest Post by Taylor Jordan Photography

Psst, I have some exciting news! I teamed up with Richard Photo Lab to create a community Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share referrals, ask questions, give advice & more!

If you’re reading this, I’m positive you are a dedicated, creative, passionate artist. Perhaps you’re just starting your photography career, or you’ve been at it for several years and want to dabble in film. Maybe you’re a seasoned pro who knows the ins and outs of film photography. Regardless of your stage, we can agree on one thing… we want to be happy and enjoy the art form we love. With that being said, we need to utilize community over competition in the photography industry.

Image by Taylor Jordan Photography

With a profound sense of interest in photography, I’m sure you know it’s an everchanging environment. There are constant advances in our technology, updates to our software, changes to our equipment, new styles and trends emerging, and numerous social media platforms to connect on. It can be tough to keep up with all of it. Not to mention, when you pick up a book on business, they’re often outdated, irrelevant and just plain boring! In our industry, we are all students to some degree and can benefit from a fun-filled, easy access group of entrepreneurs alike.

If you’re like me, you probably work from home or in a boutique studio majority of the time. As a photographer, it’s easy to become a bit of a loner. Connection is a simple, basic human need and creatives often lack that in their work lives. Everyone needs a healthy support system. Having a strong group helps overcome challenges more easily and maintain a state of wellbeing. Not to mention, it’s fun and rewarding to serve and socialize with others. Whether you’re assisting a client or helping another photographer grow their business, helping others simply feels good! After all, you get what you give! Instead of comparison and competition, I welcome you to utilize the community.

Image by Taylor Jordan Photography

Are you hesitant to share your thoughts and ideas or fear you won’t get a booking? Guess what… There’s plenty of work to go around and you sure can’t be in two places at once. Any successful small business owner or coach will tell you not to live with a mindset of scarcity and fear. Instead, focus on the abundance of opportunities. In any case, you might be booked on a popular wedding date, or maybe it’s too far away… or you simply don’t think the client is a good fit for you. You can better serve those clients by giving a referral. When it comes to business, it’s often not what you know, it’s who you know and by collaborating our resources, we will inevitably grow. The Facebook group will be a fantastic spot for finding other creatives with a similar medium and style.

Ultimately, I’m inviting you to enrich your creative life, follow your curiosity, meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and join forces. Let’s develop a relationship! Join the Richard Photo Lab Community Facebook Group.

Hope to see you there!
Much love,

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