Richard Has Moved!

Big news—we've moved (again)! We know what you're thinking: "Richard, didn't you just move five years ago?"... Why yes, yes we did. But this move across town lets us be a "greener" lab, along with some extra perks:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting, including helpful tools like motion sensors and photosensitive sensors that adjust the lighting automatically to use less power whenever possible.
  • A brand new HVAC system and a building layout that uses less power to control the temperature.
  • All new plumbing! Labs are pretty picky when it comes to plumbing because we work those systems hard—at this new location, we were able to build a 100% new sewer system and multi-filtered water delivery system.
  • Double the parking spots for our team members and visiting photog friends.

We've moved just nine miles away to 21515 Centre Pointe Parkway in Santa Clarita—here are the important dates you need to know...


You can start shipping your film to our new address via USPS starting on August 21st.

When using express carriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx, you can start shipping your film to our new address on October 26th. Don't worry, if your film is on its way to the lab on that date, we'll still get it!


If you need to come to the lab, you can start visiting us at our new building on November 4th. Please note that lab pick-ups will be unavailable from October 28th to November 3rd—drop-offs through our film drop slot at our new location will still be available during this period.


Scan downloads will be unavailable on October 31st while we move our server. Additionally, while you will be able to place print orders with Richard during that time, you will not receive email notifications regarding your orders.

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